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Educators Rousseau once said: "hope children in adult nature, would be like children." In the kindergarten, the children around us, really, like a butterfly in the nature freely, free growth? Media survey found that in recent years, the great entrance pressure, preschool education elementary school change tend to be more and more serious.
"Life education" -- a unique theory is Mr Tao xingzhi in fully absorbing the beneficial results of western modern education thought and profoundly criticized the feudal traditional education, on the basis of established through a series of education research and practice. It not only adapt to the modern China's national conditions, and is closely related to the current socialist education and teaching. "Life is education", "society is school", "teaching" are the three cornerstones of "life education" theory. "Life is education", "society is school" of thought for us to build socialism big education provide a theoretical basis. "The unity of" teaching methodology for China's current education teaching reform has an important reference. In reform and opening up, building a well-off society of today, our country's community education, vocational education, quality education, lifelong education and so on all can be found in Mr Tao xingzhi's theory of "life education". In order to make the theory of life education better service for the contemporary education, we must further develop the education thought essence, to its guidance education reform and development of the real work.