The concept

KANGJIA preschool education group since the establishment will adhere to the people-centered talent concept, pay attention to absorbing and cultivating preschool education personnel, establish a professional, love, unity and innovative high quality teaching team, as a child, parents provide a good service, set up the good brand image.

Talent concept
The development of the situation, has brought us new challenges. In order to adapt to the needs of the education work in the new era, we must from the following several aspects to improve their own quality, be a real qualified preschool teachers.
1, have good psychological quality and perfect personality healthy body and mind and abundant energy, is to conquer all the difficulties and obstacles of the source of the will. In the education work, everything should be teachers' personality as the basis, any regulations can't take the place of education career the role of teachers' personality. Teachers should do have a bright and cheerful disposition, aggressive strong, interpersonal relationship, and must be effectively to adapt to the changing social life environment, more to the physical and mental health of children potential produce positive influence effectively.
2, want to have the view Angle of development and the future of the strong consciousness kindergarten training object is the future and the master of the world, we have to use the development the judgement, in the future society to develop the standard of today's children, activities to penetration training children have environmental consciousness, competitive consciousness, the consciousness, global awareness, guide children from primary school to do is good at cooperating with others, work with international man. Therefore, forward-looking education strategy for today's eyes is especially important for early childhood teachers.
3, have love and high sense of responsibility "love" demand is one of the most basic need children, children education is the education of love, only love the child, can education child. Each a preschool teachers should respect children, understand children, trust the child, tolerance child; And to do: really like children, careful to take care of the children, careful observation of children, patience, guide the children, nurturing children. Want to use language to sow, sweat to irrigate, with efforts to moist. All activities to children as the main body, insisting on the positive education, pay attention to individual differences, implement teach students in accordance with their aptitude.
4, we should have innovation spirit and the idea of lifelong learning the kindergarten education guidelines "point out:" education activities of the organization and implementation is a teacher work creatively process ", only creative teachers can create creative environment, to create innovative spirit of the children. Teachers' spirit of innovation should not only reflected in the reform of the teaching content, but also reflected in education method, the teaching method and the education thought innovation, want to change the traditional education mode, children play initiative and enthusiasm, creative, to create conditions give full play to the children's various senses to participate in the study. In order to quickly adapt to the new situation of scientific development, early childhood teachers try to strengthen learning, is not only their own record of formal schooling and professional knowledge, but also pay attention to the increase of span, especially new scientific knowledge, to keep his charge, increase nutrition, grasp and use a lot of new information, in order to guide the actual work, in order to adapt to the kindergarten, family, social requirements.

Team construction
1, establish unity and stability, a contingent of high-caliber leading cadres and ensure kANGJIA preschool education group education concept, the concept of effective implementation of campus culture and creative accumulation.
2, the construction of a high level of professional backbone teachers, to strengthen the education and scientific research strength, further reveal kindergarten garden features, for KANGJIA preschool education group brand glory.
3, make a good teacher's morality, love children, specialization, a high level of teaching team, ensure kangjia preschool education group, which has become the kindergarten children idea of happy paradise and happy home.

Implementation plan
1, set up a great importance to human resources management system, incentive mechanism, distribution system, to provide a good talent development platform.
2, pay attention to the cultivation of talents, to make in this education group requirements of high-quality staff team, and constantly in the group's internal found talents, talents training, optimization using the talent, make the group's success and personal growth combined.
3, strengthen the high level professional intelligence investment, talents training in a planned way out, and actively introduce high-level talents. Keep my education group in education management, education, scientific research and teaching quality, and other important aspects of continual create new achievements.

KANGJIA people advocate "use one person, appoint people by abilities," the purpose. Here, as long as you are a talent, we will be able to find business support; Here, have been gathering many elite. We sincerely invite you to join us, with your efforts to build kangjia more brilliant tomorrow.

KANGJIA education group, the achievement person, achievements in person!