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Suzhou kangjia kindergarten

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My garden is located in suzhou new district garden in konka, established in September 2004, is the city's first GongZhu private pratt &whitney sex nursery school, nursery school covers an area of 7658.6 ㎡. Now open and a total of 15 class, children in the garden more than five hundred people, 64 faculty members. My garden to "enjoy life happy childhood, and laid the foundation", "all for children" as the tenet of kindergarten, be judged to suzhou green nursery school, kindergarten, suzhou suzhou quality safe school of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the high quality green kindergarten kindergarten.

kangjia kindergarten characteristic introduction

I focus on garden around the "whole language and traditional culture" make teaching characteristic. Since 2004 the kindergarten on, my garden to develop infant language ability as the goal for suzhou high-tech zone research subject in the activity of one day in the development of the infant language ability of practice research "and suzhou education society" eleventh five-year plan "research" multi-channel baby initiation reading practice research "the practice research, the child's language application ability, improve by parents welcome and recognized by the society. At the same time, I pay attention to highlight the "traditional culture" education, is "suzhou traditional painting and calligraphy characteristic education kindergarten", "suzhou traditional culture education base", let the children accept modern education can also by traditional culture influence.

The whole language characteristic activities: small class language activities "traffic lights"

The whole language characteristic activities: children read story game

Traditional culture activity: executive ink and wash activities "mountain"