About Us

Kangjia kindergarten was established in September of 2004 and it was the city's first government aided and privately run nursery school.   Our kindergartens are governed by a series of laws and regulations set out by the government with respect to kindergarten management and private education promotion.  

Our school curriculum is based upon the physical, mental and cognitive characteristics of the preschool child.  We strive to create warm and harmonious learning environments, rich in culture and resources that nurtures the full academic and personal development of the children.  We want our children to have an educational experience where they can explore their culture and their world in a creative and tangible manner. 

We believe we must provide “everything for the children”!  Our children are encouraged to: experience daily life routines, grace and courtesy, explore scientific and technological activities, grow and strengthen their speaking, reading and writing skills, and develop their mathematical talents.  Through our comprehensive and positive environments, the children will have a sound foundation upon which to build their future education.